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State Farm Looks Great in Khakis

June 28th, 2012

Over the past several years, State Farm has wasted tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars on mediocre advertising.  (See my posts in  2011 and 2009.)  Fortunately, a little over a year ago they hired a new ad agency (DDB Chicago), and the result has been one of the strongest ad campaigns in any product category.

My favorite ad from  the campaign is “Jake from State Farm” , which I never tire of seeing even though it’s been on the air for about a year.   The writing, casting and acting are simply perfect.  If they gave Academy Awards for commercials, the people  who play the husband and wife would get my vote for Best Actor and Best Actress.  And whoever created such lines such “I’m married. . .Does it matter?….You’d do that for me?” and “Well she sounds hideous!” would be up for a Best Writing award.

What I especially love is that you hear the brand “State Farm” five times in 30 seconds, and the phrase “It’s Jake from State Farm” has become part of the popular culture.  In other words, there’s no question who the advertiser is. . .or that they’re offering such good policies that at least one customer was motivated to contact them at 3:00 am.

And if five brand name mentions weren’t enough, the campaign also wisely leverages the brand name with its “Get to a Better State” tagline.

Clearly, the state of State Farm’s advertising could not be better.