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Surprised? Yeah.

January 10th, 2009

In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, I just saw an excellent commercial from a company I blasted in a recent posting:  Burger King.  The ad was for a new, apparently very hot-and-spicy sandwich called the “Angry Whopper”, and it’s superb.  First of all, I love the product’s name.  The word “angry” is unexpected, edgy, full of personality, and–to use my favorite word–provocative.  The visual shots of the product look very appetizing, and the end of the spot–featuring a customer who has just taken a bite of his Angry Whopper filling his mouth under the ice machine–is not just funny but strategic.  I love the fact that the last thing you see is a powerful reinforcement of the product’s #1 benefit.

The strategic superiority of this commercial to Burger King’s commercial showing hamburger “virgins” preferring the Whopper over McDonald’s Big Mac cannot be overstated.  The latter takes a cheap shot at a competitor that has cleaned Burger King’s clock in the marketplace for decades; the former sings the praises of a truly unique new product without calling attention to or insulting the competition.
I suspect that this Angry Whopper commercial will make Burger King management and stockholders very happy.