Miller Lite Campaign Lite on Humor…and Intelligence

April 27th, 2011 by admin Leave a reply »

It’s hard to believe that Miller Lite was once supported by one of the most humorous and effective advertising campaigns in history.  Sadly, that was the 1970s, and since then the quality of this brand’s advertising has plummeted along with its share of the light beer market.

Their latest campaign–based on a “Liteguard Training” theme–might represent a new low for the brand.  I defy you to watch this and find anything that makes you smile, let alone laugh out loud.

More important, the campaign is as devoid of  logic as it is humor.  As with prior ads like “Skinny Jeans”, the campaign suggests that other light beer drinkers don’t care about taste, and that they need to “man up” by drinking Miller Lite.  This is absurd on two levels.  First, no man–even a light beer drinker–would admit to not caring about taste.  Second, no one who has ever tasted Miller Lite would describe it as having a lot of flavor.  Does it have a teeny bit more than some other light beers?  Perhaps.  But enough more to base a marketing strategy on?  Hardly.

I’m a big fan of humor in advertising if the humor is used to reinforce a smart marketing strategy.  I’d love to see Miller Lite’s agency give that a shot.

While they’re at it, I’d also love to see them use humor that is, you know, humorous.

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