Mac & Cheese Sculpture Hits It Out of the Park–Literally!

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Even when I was running the marketing departments  of big corporations and had access to eight-figure marketing budgets, I questioned the value of paying big bucks simply to have one of my brand logos grace the wall of an arena or ballpark.  I’ve always felt that merely exposing a logo does very little for you, that you need to be tell your story or somehow deliver a richer and more meaningful experience to your target audience. And that’s why I think Kraft‘s new “noodle” sculpture outside Chicago’s Wrigley Field is a real winner (a word with which Wrigley Field has rarely been associated throughout its 95 years).

The sculpture is generating more buzz than those obnoxious Vuvuzela horns at the World Cup.  (Click  news story to see an example of the coverage.)  Of course, part of the coverage is due to the fact that some Cub fans are outraged and insulted by the presence of a “noodle” outside the  venerable Friendly Confines.  But a little controversy can be a good thing, and in this case it appears that the majority of fans are “pro-noodle.”  (When you think about it, the Cubs should be thrilled to have a distraction from the fact that they’re in the midst of yet another lovably losing season.)

What I especially love about this publicity initiative is that Kraft had the guts–and smarts–to avoid splashing a logo on the sculpture.  Instead, the sculpture carries only the words “You know you love it,” which is the tagline for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  In fact, when you Google “You know you love it,” the first entry you see takes you to their website.  And when you go there, you see a graphic that is strikingly similar to the Wrigley Field sculpture.

Sorry, but I have to go now; I have a sudden craving for some Mac & Cheese!

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