Going Gaga over Google’s Super Bowl Ad

February 8th, 2010 by admin Leave a reply »

I’ve never felt that advertising on the Super Bowl was a smart investment for most companies. One reason is that a significant percentage of the audience is watching the game in a party environment that makes it almost impossible to hear the ads. But in yesterday’s Super Bowl, one very smart company ran a very smart ad that virtually silently managed to tell a very engaging story while conducting an in-depth product demonstration. I’m talking about Google’s “Love Story” ad.

While so many Super Bowl ads are about simply entertaining or shocking the audience without saying or showing anything about the benefit of the product, this ad brilliantly gave the viewer a new appreciation for the amazing capabilities of Google Search. As I often say, great marketing is great story telling, and that’s exactly what this ad is.

What’s particularly impressive to me is the fact that Google is not an advertising-oriented company. Normally companies that have been successful without advertising struggle when they decide it’s time to advertise, but this clearly isn’t the case here.

There are many answers to the frequently-posed question “What would Google do?”, and now there’s a new one: great advertising!

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