It Doesn’t Get Better Than…Oscar Mayer’s New Ad Campaign

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Few food brands have a more impressive marketing legacy than Oscar Mayer. Their iconic “Weinermobile” was one of the first and most memorable marketing vehicles ever (literally). The company has been quite innovative over the years in the area of new product development. And the brand was supported by decades of Baby Boomer-pleasing advertising, including the classic “Oh, I Wish I Were an Oscar Mayer Weiner” campaign in the 1960s and the charming bologna commercial in 1973. Since then, however, the brand’s advertising hasn’t seemed nearly as memorable or provocative, perhaps in part because the brand was swallowed up by marketing monolith Kraft Foods decades ago.

Now, however, Oscar Mayer has just launched a very appealing television campaign that just might be the best thing the company has done in thirty-some years. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the ad online, but I did find a link to its infectious song, called “It Doesn’t Get Better Than This” . The tune is also the theme song for Oscar Mayer’s Good Mood Mission Campaign, which admirably is donating huge quantities of food to non-profit Feeding America.

As regular readers know, one of my pet peeves is advertising agencies that are somehow ashamed to showcase the products that are paying their salaries. This campaign, however, shows numerous vignettes of people–mostly children–eating and having fun with a variety of Oscar Mayer products. This, coupled with the wise inclusion of the ever-popular Weinermobile, makes is impossible to miss the fact that Oscar Mayer is the brand making your eyes twinkle and your mouth water.

It’s also refreshing that the ad doesn’t plagiarize past Oscar Mayer ads. It is its own creation, and a very entertaining one at that. In fact, it was very much in its element when it debuted on “The Golden Globes,” and it will be an even better fit when–I can only assume–it airs on “The Oscars” next month.

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