What a (Lame) Feeling!

August 13th, 2013 by admin Leave a reply »

Department stores are among the most image-conscious types of retailers, which makes me wonder what Kohl’s was thinking when they decided to air this commercial.

It would be hard to imagine a less clever,  less cool and less fashionable commercial than this one.  It’s something you might expect from a small, independent clothing store in a small Midwestern town.

I’m not sure what’s more lame:  the fake-looking red hair on the Kohl’s clerk, her sappy facial expression, or the dance performed by the mother and daughter to the sorely dated song, “What a Feeling.”

If Kohl’s has any hopes of competing on the national stage with savvy retailers ranging from Target on the low end to Nordstrom on the high end, they’re going  to have to up their game considerably.

Kohl’s tagline is, “Expect great things.”  I think Kohl’s management needs to heed their own words and expect more–a lot more–from their marketing department and ad agency.

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