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Creating Brilliance Out of Thin Air

November 10th, 2013

I like to say that if a company is getting its advertising right, it’s probably doing other things right as well.  It’s hard to think of a company that better epitomizes that statement than Apple.

Which means that, judging by this new TV commercial, the iPad Air is probably one helluva product.

The ad cleverly makes you think that it’s extolling the many simple virtues of the venerable No. 2 pencil, all the while engaging your interest by slowly zooming in to the changing graphics as said pencil looms larger and larger in the foreground.  The spot ends with the iPad Air being revealed from behind the pencil, a very effective way of conveying that the Air is pencil-thin.

In fact, the ad is so well-produced that half-way through it I started to suspect that it was for an Apple product.  But while that might have slightly spoiled the surprise ending for me, it didn’t affect my perception that the new iPad Air–and anything made by Apple–is best in its class.

So while the pencil might be No. 2, Apple is clearly No. 1.

Pam Commercial’s Message Sticks

November 9th, 2013

Sometimes the best way to communicate a product’s benefits is to depict the disadvantages of not using the product.  The key is to do it in a way that doesn’t strike people as taking a cheap shot or being mean-spirited, and  this new TV commercial from Pam pulls this trick off very nicely.

The “residue” character’s cute, funny personality ensures that no one will be grossed out–no minor feat–and the script is clever.   (I particularly loved the reference to “poultrygeist.”)

Bottom line: a clever, simple piece of communication that gets its point across in an entertaining, memorable way.

Pretty slick, huh?