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The Winner of the Super Bowl is. . . Tide!

February 4th, 2013

Normally I’m not a fan of TV commercials that don’t mention the brand name until the very end, but I’ll make an exception for this commercial run by Tide in last night’s Super Bowl.

The commercial is brilliant for two reasons.  First, it’s extremely well-produced and fun to watch; it grabs–and entertains–its audience from start to finish.  Second, and more important, the drama of the spot is focused on Tide’s reason for being: removing stains.

In other words, unlike so many Super Bowl ads, this ad wasn’t entertaining for the sake of being entertaining; it was entertaining in order to dramatize the product’s effectiveness.  That’s what I call StrategiCreativity®: a very creative execution build upon a strong strategic foundation.

As I look back on last night’s commercials as a group, I’ll remember them as one of the worst in Super Bowl history.  But Tide’s brilliant commercial came close to removing the stain of that memory.