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Suburu Spot Superb

May 26th, 2012

Great  marketing is essentially great storytelling, and that’s certainly the case with this  commercial from Suburu.  This spot was extremely well-written, well-cast and well-produced.

First it grabs you with the visual of a 4-year-old girl who’s apparently about to take the car for a spin.  It holds you with great acting–especially by the 4-year-old–and finally makes you smile when you see that little girl suddenly transformed into a 16-year-old who has just received her license.

This spot oozes empathy.  What parent can’t relate to the father stressing about having  his teenager make her first solo drive?  And what human being can resist the charms of the incredibly cute 4-year-old, or the subtly confident smile of the attractive young woman she’s become?

Normally I’m not big on commercials that don’t mention the brand name until the end, but I’ll make an exception here.  My rationale: the spot is ultimately about safety, and since Suburu has successfully positioned itself as a safety-oriented brand over the years, I suspect that most viewers recognize this as a Suburu commercial.  In addition, because the spot does such a great job of holding your attention throughout, it’s hard to miss the Suburu brand at the commercial’s end.

I can personally attest that there’s no feeling quite so special as being the father of a daughter.  And there are few things that capture that feeling as powerfully as this superb thirty-second piece of storytelling from Suburu.

VW Beetle Ad Rates a High 5–and a 14th Floor!

May 23rd, 2012

Who wouldn’t want to drive a car that other motorists love?  And has there ever been a car loved–or beloved–by more people than the VW Beetle?

And that’s what makes this commercial for the 2012 VW Beetle so brilliant. Arguably no other “retired” car brand in history could be welcomed back as warmly as the iconic “Bug”, and this commercial captures that fact in an attention-grabbing, highly infectious way. The visuals are very clever, and the music makes you want to not only listen but watch.  And, best of all, you see the product–a very stylish one at that–repeatedly throughout the spot.  (Unfortunately, I could only find a 15-second spot online; the 30-second spot currently on the air does an even better job of showcasing the product and making the viewer smile.)

No other car could possibly have run this commercial, and that’s high praise indeed.

This ad merits not only a “14th Floor” rating, but my favorite German adjective:  Ausgezeichnet!

P.S. And how perfect is it that this ad campaign was developed by a U.S. agency named “Deutsch”?