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No, Daddy!

January 22nd, 2009

I’m a big fan of Go Daddy’s services.  I use them for both of my websites as well as this blog. Their prices are extremely reasonable, and–amazingly–I virtually always get a live voice, within no more than a minute or two, whenever I call their support line.

I am not a fan of their marketing, however, for two reasons.  First, it’s blatantly sexist. It gratuitously features generic “Go Daddy Girls”, as well as attractive female celebrities like Candice Michelle (does she qualify as a celebrity?) and Danica Patrick.  Currently the website is excitedly hyping the new Go Daddy commercial that will air on the 2009 Super Bowl, reportedly featuring “Danica in the shower.”  (What is she thinking, by the way?  This is hardly going to get people to take her more seriously as a race car driver.) Said another way, Go Daddy comes across like a sister company of Hooter’s.
My second complaint is that too much of the website indulges the abundantly apparent ego of Go Daddy’s CEO/Founder, Bob Parsons. Mr. Parsons may well be a visionary when it comes to creating a building a successful company, but his brilliance does not extend to the arena of marketing.  His ads and website devalue his company’s brand equity, and probably have cost the company customers as well. Whenever I’m on the Go Daddy website, I have to remind myself that Bob’s last name is Parsons, not Guccione.
One of Mr. Parsons’ lieutenants (or family members or friends) needs to tell the emperor that he’s naked as a jaybird, and it ain’t a pretty sight.