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Brand Spanking Cool!

January 27th, 2009

Yesterday I was driving to a client meeting in Chicago, and within the space of two blocks I passed two great examples of branding.  The first was an optical shop I passed while driving on Division Street.  The store’s name:  d/vision.  The logo was very cool, and the only assumption I could make based on a clever name and an attractive logo was that this store must have some very stylish designs.  And when it’s time for me to shop for new specs, I won’t have any trouble remembering what street the store is on!

Two blocks later I saw an eye-catching billboard for a chain of bead stores called Beadniks.  The ad featured a great tagline: “Don’t worry–bead happy!” When I Googled the company, I found that they have two URLs: the expected, and the unexpected (and very cool)  This is clearly a company with a ton of personality–not to mention a passion for beads. I’m not currently in the market for their products, but if I ever decide to draw a bead on beads, I certainly know where to head!