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A Toast to!

February 4th, 2009

Yesterday I, along with thousands of other customers, received an email blast from promoting a special Valentine’s Day offer.  As with all of the communications I receive from them, it was attractively designed and attractively priced, and I made a mental note to take advantage of the offer within the next day or so.  But before I could do that, I received another email from the company, this time apologizing for the fact that “yesterday…Cupid shot an arrow through our website” and made it impossible to order.  To make it up to their customers–even those, like me, who hadn’t gone to their website yesterday–their email extended an extra 10% discount on the Valentine’s Day offer.

How refreshing is that?  Here’s a company that is willing not only to admit and apologize for a mistake, but to dig into its pockets to make it right.  Granted, took this action to protect its brand equity…but that’s exactly the point!  In fact, I’ll bet that their customers have a higher regard for them today than they did before Cupid’s arrow took their website down.
Studies show that a customer who has been made unhappy by a company tells 5 friends about it, while a formerly unhappy customer who has been made happy by a company tells 10 friends about it. I’ll bet there are tens of thousands of friends who are being told about’s class act right now.